Sunday, January 3, 2010


. Sunday, January 3, 2010

Apparently Avatar was never going to be made!

I happened to be reading the "Uncle John's Slightly Irregular Bathroom Reader" while I was... well you know. What surprised me is on page 435 there is an excerpt titled "(Not) Coming To A Theater Near You", about movies that were abandoned! The first one there? Avatar!! This book is copyrighted 2004, so apparently this movie was given up on a while ago. I will quote...

"Great Idea: After Titanic made $1 billion and won 11 Academy Awards, Director James Cameron could make any movie he wanted--- and this was the one he wanted to make. Set in the year 2040, Avatar follows a paralyzed war veteran named Josh on a mining expedition to the distant planet Pandora, where, through a computerized psychic link, he inhabits the body of a purple-skinned, nine-foot tall, ammonia-breathing Pandoran.

Kiss of Doom: Cameron wanted to use a cast of ultra-lifelike computer-created actors. Plus, most of the special effects needed to render Pandora would have to be invented. Avatar's budget: a staggering $400 million. No studio would fund it, so the movie was scrapped."

So obviously they invented the special effects. Someone funded it. I'm so glad that people like Cameron, and Lucas don't listen to other people. Movies innovate and invent ways to get the job done all the time. Star Wars, The Matrix, AVATAR!!! If the directors listened to "It can't be done" nothing ever would.

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