Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Inks Are In!

. Saturday, January 2, 2010

So an update to the earlier post. The inks came in today too!

So I inked up the Preppy with the Baystate Blue, and inked the rest one by one in the Lamy. I went ahead and wrote on a sheet of paper with each one, plus the Bulletproof Black and the Lamy Blue. Then I went ahead and put it under running water.

I was actually quite surprised. The Bulletproof black didn't stay as well as I expected. Granted this is ordinary Georgia-Pacific printer paper, and the ink only dried for about 5 minutes. The Eel Blue lasted about as well as the Black. The Navy lasted better than I thought as well as the Blue. The Lamy Blue washed away almost instantly. The real surprise was how well the Baystate Blue lasted. It looks almost as if it was never put under water at all!!
With this I may have to buy a bottle of the Baystate just to keep in the Preppy. It's so bright and blue I really like that color!! Maybe Noodler's will consider making this color without the alkaline properties. Very vibrant!
I do like the Eel Blue and Blue as well, just not as much.